Monday, March 2, 2009


I guess life happens a little faster than you expect it to sometimes. There's a new memeber of the Bracken family, his name is Dublin. He's an 8 week old brindle Pit Bull. Here are a few pictures of our new puppy.

These were taken our first night with him. It's taken him a few days but it looks like he's right at home in our house. He's even been able to sleep through the night for the past few nights - with LOTS of snoring. We're really excited to have him.

Dublin has already helped us discover the last owners of our house had garlic growing in their garden, flower beds and grass. Garlic puppy breath is not the most pleasant smell but he does do a great job of finding it for us to dig up. We spent all of saturday digging up the flowerbeds in the back yard trying to get rid of it. Our garage reeks right now.

Dublin also got to take his first long car ride with us this weekend. We took him down to Salt Lake City to surprise his new grandparents. They were very surprised and happy to meet him. Plus he's going to be a great car dog - he passed out in my lap for both hour drives. Hopefully when he gets too big for that, he'll sleep in the back.


  1. He is SO cute! I can't wait to meet him!

  2. He is ADORABLE! I'm excited for your house party so I can see your new place AND your new puppy!

  3. Nice pup. Probably more along the lines of my activity level, but alas, we have the active dog. Who doesn't fall asleep when he is riding in the truck but would rather run all over the passengers lap. Next time you're up this way feel free to bring Dublin along to meet Bear.


  4. I am so dang jealous! He looks super cute and sweet. Maybe he'll get a best doggy friend from our house soon.