Monday, March 23, 2009

The French Guy is Gone!

The peace of my cubicle has once again been restored. The loud French guy was not at work this morning. I can only hope he's returned to Wisconsin where I'm pretty sure he came from.

In other news, we survived our house warming party this last weekend. It was a total blast. I'm super grateful to all our friends that made the drive up here to come celebrate with us. I was totally shocked at how many people actually showed up. I wasn't even sure we knew that many people but I guess we do. I was also delightfully surprised to find everyone fit pretty well too. The house didn't seem too crowded at all. There will definitely be more parties to come.

A couple of my coworkers gave us an adorable puppy kit as a house warming present. Since we could tell what it was, we thought it would be fun to let Dublin open it. Here's a video. He's a bit slow at first - I'm hoping with practice, he'll get better.

Because Saturday was spent getting ready for the house warming, we didn't really do too much else this weekend. We went to church on Sunday. After I took Dublin on a very long walk to wear him out - he was still pretty wired from the party. I got home just in time to change and head over to the stake center for the temple dedication.

The Dedication was fantastic. I was thinking about the last one I went to - I'm pretty sure it was the Nauvoo Dedication. It was a little sad to think President Hinckley wouldn't be the one doing it but I really do love President Monson. He makes me laugh like President Hinckley did, just in a different way.

After the dedication, we made dinner and then we opened the rest of our presents. Thanks to everyone that brought us something. It was so not necessary but very much appreciated. After that it felt so good to sit on the couch with my husband and just relax. I don't think we've done that once for the past 2 months.

I'm pretty disappointed by the weather today - we were supposed to go down to Salt Lake to take family pictures today. We will just have to try again next Monday. Pray for sun!


  1. Thank YOU for opening your house to us for the party. It was great to see you, your beautiful house, and some friends.

  2. fabulous! what an awesome dog. and we're definitely gonna have to have a tea party at your awesome house. (two awesome's in one comment, i need a thesaurus...)