Monday, April 25, 2011


So the official word on the street is that Shad and I are staying put here in Ogden. For those of you confused by that last sentence, let me explain a bit. Remember those changes I mentioned at the end of a blog post a little bit ago. Did you think when I posted about the end of the Sweater Friends that was the change? If you did, you were wrong.

You see, there was a sneakier reason for Shad and I randomly flying down to Las Vegas a bit ago. We both had job interviews down there. The company we interviewed with was kind enough to fly us down for the weekend so we could see the area, look at some houses and determine if we were willing to move to Vegas. The interviews went great and about a month later the company gave us our offers. The offers they gave us were less than convincing (less than we make now) so we countered with something we would take and they politely declined. Such is life.

I’m actually pretty relieved for a few reasons. I love our house up here and after looking at houses down there, it’s a complete mess to buy a house now. We probably would have ended up building a house because it would have been cheaper (yep – that’s how messed up the market is down there right now). I can’t imagine how long it would have taken our neurotic dog to get used to a new city and house. Seriously, we moved a couple of lawn chairs in the backyard this weekend and he freaked out. Our dog takes OCD to a new level. We would be leaving behind all of our friends and family and though Vegas isn’t that far, it’s way further than Ogden. I am a bit bummed that we don’t get to have a pool in our backyard and nice warm weather but Utah weather hasn’t killed me yet.

So what else have we been up to? Quite honestly, not much. Between working a bunch of coverage at work, planning to move and tutoring 4 students, I’ve been a bit busy.
We did make time to go down to This is the Place for the baby animal festival on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. How can you resist baby animals as cute as this little guy (or girl)? Too cute.

We also got to watch a sheep get sheared. She was too big to fit through the fence and needed some help.