Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here we go again

Does anyone want a really cute pit bull? He might be a bit broken right now, but just a little bit of $$ and patience and love, and he’ll be back to new in no time. We found out on Monday Dublin has torn his other ACL on his other side. Yep, that’s right. Another round of this
And this after his surgery next Wednesday.
I knew his chances of tearing his second ACL increased exponentially after he tore his first one. I knew this so much that the second Dublin was allowed to be off the leash in the backyard, he got his very own health insurance policy (Trupanion if you’re wondering). It really made the vet appointment on Monday much less stressful on everyone’s part. At the end of the appointment the vet turned to me and said, “This appointment pretty much went exactly how you expected it to, didn’t it?” I laughed and responded, “Unfortunately, yes.”

Because Dublin hasn’t completely torn his second ACL, he’s still in great spirits and ready to play in the backyard at any moment. Because we know he’s going to be down for the majority of the summer, we’re not hesitating at all to indulge him. Every day after work we go outside and play like our lives depend on it.

I’m sad for our sweet puppy. I really could care less about the money, it breaks my heart to think about the 4 months we all worked to get him better only to turn around a month later and have to do it again. Poor puppy, I don’t think he has any idea he gets to do round 2 next week. I guess the real bright spot is knowing this is the last time we’ll have to do this with him. And we’re super lucky this has all happened while we don’t have other priorities (kids, moving, etc.). And that we don't have any big vacations planned until the fall.