Monday, August 29, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

Since it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted here, I thought I would break up the updates by members of our family. First up, Dublin.

After being cleared from his last surgery in July, Dublin plunged into summer and took advantage of the warm weather while it lasted. Shad and I weren’t too surprised once the initial excitement of being free was over, Dublin went back to being a pretty lazy puppy. I think two metal legs later, our dog has learned that going crazy and full out 90% of the time is maybe not a good idea. We can get him to chase his ball in the backyard about 3 times before he lays down in the grass and refuses to get up. Even though when he finally does get up he doesn’t appear to be in any pain. Maybe by next summer he’ll be back to the same wild puppy.

Other than being lazy Dublin has once again enjoyed playing in his pool, stealing flip flops (mostly mine) and missing his Mom and Dad while we’ve been gone for various church activities and while we took a quick trip down to Shad’s Grandma’s ranch. He’s definitely realized the three of us are his pack and when someone is missing he is determined to find them or wait for them to get home. He’s such a sweet puppy.

One thing he’s really missed this summer is the lack of grasshoppers in our yard to squish. We have a few snakes living in the garden (thank goodness he hasn’t come across one of those yet!), so Dublin hasn’t had near the number of bugs to chase like he usually does.

In the past few weeks Dublin has also started getting back to running every day. He loves it when Shad takes him running in the morning when it’s nice and cool and is not so much a fan when it’s hot outside.

This summer to help with my allergies, we also acquired a robot vacuum (yes you may think I’m lazy, but it’s been a dream). This robot appears to be Dublin’s arch enemy. The other day while I was gone he started barking at it when it started getting near his crate. I personally think this is a good experience for him for when we have children. I guarantee they will mess with his crate too.

Also I had to share this video of our vicious pit bull attacking a blown up water balloon. So mean...

So there you go. That’s what Dublin has been up to for the past few months.