Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dew Tour

So did you notice that I managed to gloss over some pretty significant happenings in my last two blog posts? Yeah me too. Shad and I celebrated 2 years of marriage in September and Shad also celebrated his 28th birthday in September too.

So I’m going to say the fact Shad’s birthday was almost 2 months ago and that it’s 2:00 in the morning explains why I have no idea what we actually did to celebrate his birthday. I know I bought him his new Ipod since the one I got him for his birthday 2 years ago died a couple months ago. And yes I did wait until after he visited the Apple Store to see if he needed a new one before I thought about what to get him for his birthday. That’s not being a bad wife, that’s called planning people. Now not remembering what we did for his birthday that might mean I’m a bad wife.

For our anniversary we went up to Park City and did the Alpine Slide and Coaster. As we were driving up the canyon, I was shocked to find out Shad had never been to the Alpine Slide before (Seriously, what did his family do for fun?) so it was his first time and he was nervous. While we were in line for the chair lift a group of 3 guys butted in front of us in line to get on the lift, one looked like Shawn White but I wasn’t sure. When we got off and realized one of the guys was a photographer and that the Dew Tour was in town that weekend, our suspicions were confirmed. Since Shawn wanted to go down the slide with the photographer filming him, that left his friend from the Dew Tour to race little old me down the mountain. A quiet girl Mormon engineer vs. some kid from the Dew Tour, it should be no contest, right? Wrong! I kicked that kid’s butt and apologized when we got off the slide as I heard Shawn and the photographer lay into him for letting a girl beat him. After taking a ride on the Alpine Coaster, we drove into town and had dinner then stopped at the outlet stores for some quick shopping. It was a fantastic anniversary.

Then I did some coverage – my favorite type – backshifts! We took our trip to Escalante. Shad went camping with the boy scouts and Jake and I had a photoshoot for our next album. You can see the pictures from that here.

I did some more coverage. We had our Halloween party (I promise next year I will remember to take pictures). I got to do some more coverage. We finally made it down to SLC to see Annie’s new house – it’s seriously so cute! I couldn’t be more excited for them! And to make it even better they had a Halloween party of their own so we got to see so many friends I haven’t seen in the longest time. So fun!

That pretty much catches me up to this week. Whew. Maybe next time I’ll have a picture of Dublin in his Halloween costume. I made him wear it for at least 3 days straight so you would think during that time I would have thought to take a picture of him. Nope. I guess he’ll just have to wear it one more time for me. When I have kids, they’ll put their costumes on after Halloween so I can take a picture of them too, right?