Monday, March 9, 2009

Paint, paint, paint!

I've reached the point with our house where I still hate the white walls but I'm so sick of painting, I want to hide the rollers and trays and wait until I find them 6 months from now to start again. Luckily, we're pretty close to having the main stuff done. And we did get the really hard stuff done this weekend. I guess I can tough it out for two more rooms this week. It will be ideal when it's done.

We tackled our giant vaulted walls this weekend, it was quite the task, I should have taken pictures. We had to rent scaffolding and everything. We started on it Friday night and finished all the walls with high stuff at 11 Saturday night. My friend Jen from work came and helped us paint. She really was coming over to return our ladder and smack the puppy around but, I convinced her to help paint too. She was such a gem to help out, we wouldn't have finished it without her!

That just leaves us with our bedroom and bathroom, which we're hoping to get done today and tomorrow before the scaffolding needs to go back. Cross your fingers for us!

On a much happier note, while we were painting Friday night, the tile guy finished the last of the tile. It looks amazing! I'm so glad we decided to just do everything while we were doing our bathroom. Now we just need to put new molding in and it will be a beautiful house. Because construction is done, I was finally able to clean the house yesterday. It's a big pet peeve of mine when you can't walk around the house barefoot because of the fear of debris impaling you.

Dublin was such a champ through it all since he had to stay in his crate all day Saturday. Especially with a new friend over, he just wanted to play. We tried to tell him, puppies and paint don't mix but he didn't get that.

Sunday was also pretty hard for him. I made Shad keep him upstairs so I could clean with out worrying about him drinking the mop water or chasing the broom. He managed to escape once and because he knew he was in trouble, attempted to run out the back door. After running into the sliding glass door at full speed, I think he learned his lesson about running away when you know you're in trouble. He just sat there stunned, you could tell he was thinking - "that was stupid of me." Hopefully he'll learn. The trainer came up on Thursday to help us get him started on learning to be a polite calm dog, he's doing pretty good so far. Hopefully as he gets older, things will stick more.

Now that you've read about all the wonderful things we've done to our house, I'm sure you want to see pictures. Tough! You have to wait for the house warming. I know you're excited.

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