Thursday, August 19, 2010

D to the C

I can’t believe August is almost over. The kids in our neighborhood go back to school next week. Where did summer go? I’m back to share our annual trip. This year Shad and I went to Washington D.C. for vacation. Shad had never been so that alone I think was worth the trip. We spent 8 days in our nation’s capitol and had a splendid time. Here are the pictures to prove it.

The place we stayed was literally 1 block away from Capitol hill and the Library of Congress. Shad didn't believe me when I first pointed to the building across the street and told him it was the Library of Congress.

Here we are in front of the Library. I finally invested in a mini tripod for my camera so I was actually able to take a few pictures of us.

I think this was my favorite building we visited in DC. The mosaic tile work on the floor, the ornate ceilings. Just beautiful.

Here we are in the Library, I cut of Shad's head but was too lazy to try again.

Sunday morning while we were walking to the Smithsonian I made Shad walk past the capitol so I could take a few pictures without a million other tourists around.

See? It was just us.

Also while on the capitol grounds we found this weird Asian looking building with a fountain in the middle. I guessed it was build around a natural spring since there were all sorts of plants and stuff. Shad didn't believe me until I made him look on his map. Low and behold, it was a natural spring. I'm too smart for my own good.

Of course the Smithsonian was loads of fun. The Natural History Museum was first.

Then the air and space museum got boring after a bit. I do think I have what it takes to be a stewardess though.

This was in the Native American museum. I'm not sure why but that's where it was. Also as a side note, if you are eating at the Smithsonian, it's worth it to walk down to the Native American museum. The food there is delicious and way better than any of the other museums.

Here I am outside the Smithsonian waiting for Shad to bring me a drink. I'm just a little bit spoiled sometimes.

The view of DC from Arlington Cemetery. I'm really glad I suggested to Shad we visit here.

There's something about seeing all those head stones from so long ago and the recent ones as well that really put into perspective what people have sacrificed for our country.

While wandering around the Dupont Circle area, we visited Woodrow Wilson's house he moved into after he left office. I think this was one of our favorite stops. We even got to play his piano and the old man that gave us a tour was so ideal.

Here's the White House. Shad and I did get to do a tour but because our Congressman didn't warn us not to bring cameras, one of us had to wait outside with our cameras while the other went through and then switch places. Kind of dumb.

Here I am trying to entertain myself while waiting for Shad to do his tour of the White House. I was literally surrounded by 50 short Chinese people while I was taking this picture.

After the White House, it was time for the monuments.

Last time I was in DC, they were just building the WWII monument. It was nice to see the finished result.

Vietnam Memorial


Korean War

While sitting at the Korean War memorial, I found my dream job. So ideal. That guy gets to go play in fountains everyday and gets paid for it.

We even went back to see the monuments at night and we both got to see fireflies for the very first time. Why don't we have them in Utah? They are so cool!

At are restaurant in Chinatown. I ordered the Sweet and Sour Chicken instead.

And lastly, non-trip related picture. Before we went to DC we took the dog up to Causey Reservoir to swim. After he was done, he opted to sit on his towel instead of the rock. Is he my dog or what?!