Monday, February 23, 2009

Sweater Friends!

Hello Friends! This last week has been very exciting. I got to work back shifts at work which left me with some spare time during the days, which is always a nice thing. I took the opportunity to get some house stuff done. Monday while getting ready to start backs, I painted our loft/office area. It looks so much better. Then Thursday was my turn around day so I was able to go down to SLC and have a delicious lunch with my sister then we headed off to IKEA to purchase new furniture for the office.

Now I'm always excited for a good trip to IKEA but rarely do I get to go to IKEA to really purchase stuff. Usually I come away with a few kitchen utensils and a lamp or something but today I was after the big stuff. Thank goodness my sister was able and willing to go with me. Just loading the stuff onto the cart was a task larger than myself. But the real fun didn't start until we got out to the loading zone to load up the Forester.

We had some large items but I had measured before hand to be sure it would fit in the car somehow, it all seemed like it should. So we started, long boxes go here, let's put this box in this corner, now this chair can go here. After our second try at getting things to fit, we both started to get a little frustrated. Fastforward an hour and we had finally solved to puzzle and gotten everything in the car. Here are some picures-we were pretty proud of ourselves.

I think my favorite part was the IKEA employees walking past us with looks of doubt. Take that IKEA employees - we did it. I think that ride home was easily the most uncomfortable ride ever but totally worth it. I'll take pictures of the finished office for the next blog.

The next day was Friday and my first day of days at work. Luckily it was communication day so there was no thinking required - just a bit of embarassment. A few weeks ago I received a call from our HR person. She was desperate to find someone willingto be in a training video. I like Gina so I said yes. Now any of you that know me, know I don't act. Here's some proof if you don't believe me.

Luckily the maintenance and fellow engineers were too busy laughing to hear what we were saying. That helped.

Friday night Shad and I had planned a date with my friend Jen from work. Jen wanted to go to the Cowpoke - a BBQ restaurant in North Ogden. I wasn't too keen on going since I don't really care for meat but Shad and Jen were excited so why not. It ended up being not scary and pretty tasty minus the giant platter of meat Jen and Shad shared.

That brings us to Saturday - the real reason for this post. For those of you that don't know, I'm in a band called the Sweater Friends. This last Saturday we were able to celebrate our 2 year anniversary of our first show together. It was a total blast. For once we were able to put together the line up so we picked two people we love to play with us - Marci Thorne and Colby Stead. Both are amazing musicians and made for a great night. We finished up the night with a longer than usual set including 2 new songs. It was great here are some picures.

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  1. Sounds like a great week! We were going to try and make the show, but Steve decided he wanted to go out and celebrate his job instead. We need to play soon, though.