Monday, October 18, 2010


I promise at some point this blog will get back to our day to day boring lives it used to be instead of a bunch of pictures of me in the wilderness without make up. Until then, here are pictures from the trip to Escalante we took over conference weekend.

You know you would have sat on the giant lizard and insisted someone take a picture of you too.

Sometimes I'm a little irresponsible when it's warm outside and I can wear flip flops. I forgot to grab my sneakers before we left on our first hike. Luckily for my hiking in flip flops is no big deal.

Cryptobiotic Soil!


Mmmm. Petrified wood.

Hiking to Calf Creek Falls.


Shad took the effort to hike closer to the waterfall so we had to take his picture. You know, to prove that he did it.

My arm runing Jen's picture of the swirly rock.

I make that rock look good.

Jen's self portriat.

We climbed into that hole all by ourselves.

Naptime part 2.

Stream hiking - it was freezing and had fish in it. Gross!

I only got my one shoe wet once.


To end our trip, it decided to rain the entire night. Here we are waiting out the storm in the tent.