Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Done?

I think it's safe to say we're in the home stretch of home improvement things and I am so grateful. I was in a meeting yesterday at work and the topic of how much I do during the week came up. Between church, work, tutoring, husband, house and a new puppy - I'm excited to cross something off the list. Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy all of the things I'm involved in, and I'm not happy unless I'm busy, I'm looking forward to warm evenings where I get to cook a decent meal then take a walk with my husband and puppy or (gasp!) make it to the gym again. Those will be good times. It was funny to hear an observation from one of our non-LDS engineers that "the engineers that don't drink really seem to accomplish a lot more with their time." I was pretty entertained by that. Apparently even occasional drinking and productivity have direct correlations.

Aside from home improvement tasks, we still had a very full weekend. Friday afternoon we had the insurance nurse come and take blood for our life insurance. That went well and I was happy not to have to fast anymore. Plus I found out my husband really doesn't like needles, which was a bit entertaining to watch. I'm a mean wife. While having my blood taken, I received a call from RC Willey that they would be there to deliver our couch from 6:30 to 8:30 that night. Which would had been nice but we had a wedding reception in Salt Lake to go to that was from exactly 6:30 to 8:30. After discussing it, we decided I would go since they technically were my friends and Shad could get some painting done. We headed to dinner in the mean time since we were both starving. Just as I was about to get into the shower, the phone rang. It was RC Willey saying we'll be there in 5 minutes - a half hour early! Ideal. The couch was delivered and we headed down to SLC for the reception. It was beautiful and I'm so excited for Bryce and Lina. They're so cute. After spending 20 minutes at the reception we turned around to drive the hour home. Totally worth it for those two!

Saturday I got up and went tutoring in the morning. Before I left I gave Shad explicit instructions to get the bedroom painting finished and meet me in SLC at 7 for the Sweater Friend's show. After tutoring I went down to SLC to attempt to learn the song my sister and I were singing in her ward the next day. That went okay. We were able to practice it a few times together. I then proceeded to Jake's house for a few hours of band practice for the show that night. In between I went to my parents to lay down for 15 minutes to get some energy back for the show.

I left for the show which was at an ideal establishment called the Blue Star Cafe - it's on 2300 East and about 2700 South. It's a really sweet laid back coffee shop/bagel place. We hung out there until it was our turn to play. The show went pretty well. After 4 hours of singing prior in the day - I was just grateful I still had a voice. My hubby wasn't able to make it down for it because the painting still wasn't done so I headed home right after we finished.

The next day we went to our ward for young womens and sunday school then went home to walk Dublin so he would sleep while we were at my sister's ward. We took him down with us for family dinner so he could meet his uncle Scott. I think he loved him. The song in Kristen's ward went really well and I'm excited that it's over.

All and all it was a very busy but rewarding weekend.

P.S. Do French accents bother anyone else? A French guy showed up at work today a few cubicle's down. After 20 minutes at my desk listening to a loud phone conversation, I wanted to bang his head into the wall. I hope he's not staying awhile. He might beat the loud guy with the Wisconsin accent that sits next to me. He hasn't been at his desk a lot. It's been nice at mine. Weird.


  1. Yes, uncle Scott did like him. And yes, French accents can be annoying! :-)

  2. haha! oh ally i love reading your blog!

  3. I feel tired and yet satisfied after reading your blog! I sure love you guys! We aren't sure yet if we can come to your openhouse, my parentals are out of the country so us siblings this weekend are doing some 'home improvements'. I'm not sure how long we will be working there on Saturday... If we can't make it, I hope that we can get together sooon!!!

  4. I just want you to know that I love reading your blog and being caught up in my cute Ally's life. :) I won't be able to make it to the housewarming party. sad face. it's my nephew's bday party. Love you though!