Monday, June 22, 2009


I’m really spoiled. There are a lot of reasons why. The one that comes to mind today is getting breakfast at work. I order the same thing every morning so when the cafeteria people see my beautiful smiling face I don’t have to say a word, they make my breakfast exactly the way I want it. The bad thing is, the cafeteria has a pretty regular turn over. So about once a month, I get to retrain the cafeteria people on how to make me breakfast. Today was one of those mornings. It’s never a good week when my quesadilla has too much cheese and too little egg evenly distributed throughout the tortilla. See? Spoiled. Even a not quite right quesadilla is better than eating at home. Look at what I have to look at when I eat breakfast at home.
I know! It’s so hard to look at those eyes and not share my Captain Crunch.

We managed to have a pretty quiet weekend. Friday night I got stuck at work late. When I got home Shad told me our friend Jen was coming over to see if she could decipher anything edible in the jungle that is our garden. The results – not good so Shad spent the rest of the weekend weeding that part of the garden and covering it with ground cover so as to prevent the jungle from returning. We went to dinner with Jen and by the time we got home, I was ready for bed.

Saturday I had an appointment with the lovely Marci for a cut and color, unfortunately she was ill that day so I didn’t get to see her. I still went down to SLC though, to bring my dad his Father’s day gift and do some shopping. I went to Pottery Barn to use a gift card we had. Why is everything there so nautical themed? I used the gift card (thanks to the ocean themed guest room) but seriously. I was annoyed. I like Pottery Barn, but not everyone thinks the thing their living room is missing is the “antique” 1880 boat mast to prop up in the corner. I mean I like imagining I’m summering in the Hamptons as much as the next person but do they have to make it so literal?
After that I stopped off at the craft store to pick up fabric to make pillows for the family room couch. I was reminded why I don’t go to the craft store on Saturdays (not that we have a good craft store in Ogden for me to visit anyway). The craft ladies were in full crazy mode. Someone butted in front of me in the line to get your fabric cut. Did you really need those 4 ¾ yards of icky purple cotton that badly? If I had known it was Survivor craft store, I would have come with more than my Iphone and a Dr. Pepper.
It was then on to my parents to drop off said present and chit chat for awhile. Hopefully they are coming up for dinner on July 3rd which should be fun.
I drove home in the rain (is it done yet?) and made some delicious Asian Beef for dinner. Shad then tried to convince me to watch The One (some lame martial arts movie) because it was on. I made the mistake of telling him I didn’t care what we watched when we sat down. I quickly retracted that statement to the movies we had Tivoed. Good move on my part.
Sunday Shad got up and went to the airport to spend this week in North Carolina. I got up and went to church, where I received my award from camp (I wasn’t there for the award night). Drum roll please…
“Most likely to be on American Idol” thanks for the award girls! It’s on our fridge.

Here are a few other pictures from the past few weeks. Dublin loves our new patio furniture…especially when I make him sit in it.
Also here’s a picture of him with my monkey. I took one of him at 3 months that I don’t have with me to upload right now. It’s hard for me to see how much he’s grown. I’m glad I took these; he’s 6 months in this picture.

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