Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can you hear me now?

Have you ever noticed how some people always whisper when they talk? There’s a guy at work that whispers almost everything he says, but he’s not really a soft talker. I’ve seen him conduct meetings and there’s no volume problem there. I think he does it for emphasis, to try and manipulate people into thinking he’s telling them exclusive top secret things. It would be okay if this guy only walked past my cube whispering a few times a day but he has to talk to the people that sit across from me ALL DAY.
In any case, it’s annoying, maybe even more annoying than the loud talker I sit next to. At least when he talks I know what he’s saying. Like after overhearing his conversation today– It was more shouted directly into my ear but whatever – I think he’s moving back to Wisconsin. I’m not sure but I’m a little torn if he is for two reasons.
1) He’s the only other person working on the project I got dumped in my lap on Monday. If he leaves, it will be Allyson vs. the CEO guys. I can take them I’m sure, but I was hoping for my teammate to explain things so loudly, they would get headaches and realize it’s a pointless project.
2) When he’s at his desk and talking he drowns out the incessant whispering from across the aisle. I can’t help but try to listen to the conversation and it gets super frustrating after about 30 seconds of not being able to make out the mumbles. I can’t help but wonder if they’re conspiring against me. I have some pretty sweet things on my desk I’m sure they covet every day. If my can of lime green Play-doh goes missing, I know who’s desk I’m searching first.
I guess I’ll survive if he does leave. Maybe the ringing in my ears will finally subside. It was really peaceful at my desk last week while he was gone. But what if his replacement is even louder? Or is a chronic whisperer as well? The guy before him was great, he barely made any noises and would IM me if he wanted to talk. I actually felt guilty if I was chewing gum sometimes because I thought I was making too much noise.

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