Monday, June 1, 2009


Holidays make me a slacker. Sorry for no update last week. I guess it will just make this one longer.
Where to begin? We’ve had a pretty quite few weeks after coming home from vacation, it’s been nice. I guess I should say home has been quite. Work has been ridiculous, and I just got another huge big profile project dropped on me this morning. This could be interesting. It probably involves a presentation to CEO level people in 2 weeks. I better get working.
After coming home from vacation, I had the chance to tutor one of our young women in math. She missed a few weeks of school this year due to her appendix so she had a bunch of makeup work she didn’t understand to get done before school was over. We got through it all in a few hours and she told me on Sunday she got an 85 on the makeup test. I was super proud of her and hope she’ll come to me for help next year if she needs it.
Saturday the Sweater Friends originally had 2 shows scheduled for Saturday, one in Ogden and one in Provo. A little crazy on our part but we’re always up for an adventure. Luckily though the Provo show was cancelled the day before so we only ended up doing one – the one that was close for me. Yay!
The show was a blast, it was for the grand opening of a community garden behind the Grounds for Coffee on 30th in Ogden. I thought it was a really cool idea and was super excited to get to participate in it. That’s one of the things I love about Ogden, there’s a laid back urban vibe in that part of the town and it’s only a 15 minute drive from our suburban kingdom. Ideal.
For Memorial Day, Jen and I had planned to do craft day. We’re trying to do it once a month, we’re two for two so far. We’ll see if we can keep it up over the summer. We had planned to make a piñata for the baby shower we were helping do in a few weeks for our cute co-worker Melissa. Jen wanted to make a baby shaped piñata, I didn’t think people would want to be hitting a baby at a baby shower so I opted for a baby bottle instead. Does it look like a bottle to you? I was pretty impressed with my balloon skills to finally get that shape.

That evening Shad, Dublin and I drove down to Salt Lake for a barbeque with my family. It was a beautiful evening and we had a blast. Shad and Scott played keep away with Dublin for about an hour. He was exhausted for the ride home. He didn’t even open his eyes until we turned into our neighborhood and I woke him up.
Tuesday the dog trainer stopped by before heading over to Jen’s house to help her with her dogs. Dublin had freaked out and bit Shad pretty bad the week before when he was trying to get his leash on him. He hadn’t freaked out since them but he still wasn’t really responding to the training like he should. Ryan brought up a training collar for us to try, it was like Dublin was a new dog after he put it on him. We went out and bought him one the second Ryan left. Since then, he has been the sweetest calmest dog, just like the first day we got him. I’m a serious believer in the collar.

Friday night Shad got to go camping with the 11 year old scouts so I had a night at home with the puppy. We finished planting the wildflowers in the backyard and watched some So You Think You Can Dance. It might just be Dublin’s new favorite show.

Saturday morning I got up and went to tutoring then went down to Salt Lake to get errands done before Shannon’s shower. I got them done and hung out at my parents for about an hour then went to the shower.

The shower was absolutely fantastic. My girlfriends are so on the ball and know how to throw a rockin’ shower. Since this is only my second friend to have a baby, Ash and I still said it felt weird to not be playing the fun wedding shower games, those always involved much more embarrassment for the guest of honor. It was also weird to see the group overrun with children. I did get to see my good friend Mel and her adorable daughter Lindsay, I haven’t seen them since we got married so I think I spent most of my time talking to them. I’m Lindsay’s new favorite incase you were wondering, I think playing with my iphone might have helped.

Sunday we went down to Shad’s parents for dinner since the Swine Flu results for his brother’s came back negative. We didn’t stay for very long though because Caleb had Seminary graduation.

It’s been a good past few weeks and I’m excited Summer is finally here!


  1. Nice blog! Probably because I'm in it :) HA! Thanks again for coming to my shower, you sure are a gr8 friend! (thats right, I said "gr8")

  2. I don't think the I phone is the only reason you're Lindsey's fav...:)