Friday, June 12, 2009


I’m pretty sure I said it a month ago but the statement still stands, I hate the cold gross weather. I have Girls Camp on Monday and I think it’s going to rain the entire time. I’m really glad I only have to go up for one night. Girls Camp was a total blast when I was a girl. When it rained, we could lay around in our tents all day and play games while our leaders tried to figure out what we were going to do. Now I get to be the leader. It sounds much less appealing.

Not that I would want to get to stay in a tent all day with my fellow leaders, someone might die. I yelled at out last camp meeting. They insisted I stay after the activity on Tuesday night for the camp meeting they forgot to tell me about. I really wish I had some excuse since the last after activity camp meeting turned into a 4 hour disorganized ordeal. I was already tired and short on patience but I stayed anyway. At least this time the other young newly married leader stayed with me. She isn’t even an engineer and she was just as annoyed. That made me feel better it wasn’t just my type A stay on task personality.

At 9:30 I had finally had it. I was sitting on the floor stabbing my paper with my pen when one of the leaders asked if I was okay. This was after I drew a picture of a guy in a tree throwing an apple (which looked more like a bomb) on another guy’s head that I proudly showed my neighbor. I was done so I said, “No, I’m not okay. We’ve been here for a two hours trying to get through the schedule and we’re still on Monday morning. If we were all engineers, we would have wasted thousands of dollars by now. Stay on task.” Most of them replied with things like, I’m a mom we haven’t wasted any money. After my little outburst, I just kept on saying focus really loudly when an off topic comment came out. It’s a good thing I’ve forgotten when presidency meeting is because me and the other ladies in a meeting are not a good combo. The 9 year olds we taught in primary had more focus than them.

On to last week, last Friday night Shad’s younger brother Caleb graduated from Cyprus High School (it’s in Magna). They held it up at the U in the Huntsman Center. Since Cottonwood always does theirs in the auditorium I was interested to see what a high school graduation was like in a big stadium with everyone under the sun there. I think I can sum up the evening in one statement, I felt like I was at Walmart. And not even a Walmart in the good part of town. I felt like I was at the really scary, really trashy Walmart in Harrisville. There were screaming babies, wife beaters and a lot of cleavage-you know the, oh my, advert your eyes, that is not attractive kind. On the plus side about 60% of Caleb’s original class dropped out so we only had to sit through about 350 names. I feel like it was a successful night and congrats Caleb!

Saturday night we had the joy of attending a baby shower/house warming BBQ at my co-worker Danielle’s. The baby shower part was for our other co-workers John and Melissa that are expecting a baby girl in a month. It was an absolute blast and I was reminded how much I love my co-workers because in any situation, they figure out a way to laugh. It was also nice to finally see Danielle’s house. It’s so cute, she did a great job decorating it. I’m glad to see someone else that grew up in Utah that isn’t into the whole country chic motif you see in the Quilted Bear. She added beautiful modern touches and great pops of color. The baby shower portion was good too. Melissa destroyed the piñata in one hit. We decided it was unsafe to blindfold an 8 month pregnant woman and the only thing we had to hit it with was the metal bat we found in our backyard. Put those things together with a thin homemade piñata and it’s bound to die quickly. On the bright side, Danielle brought in the candy today to work. It was delicious. I wish I had pictures of the event, but I left my camera in the car.

Now on to the creepy part of my week, Tuesday some water managed to work its way into a transformer (electrical not the robot kind) and caused a power outage on the manufacturing floor. The operators were locked into conference rooms while the problem was fixed because they couldn’t go out on the floor. The engineers on the other hand were allowed out, as long as we didn’t get into a machine since the safety system wasn’t working. I needed to check on a few things on the machine that’s being installed on the floor so I headed out with my hard hat and trusty flashlight. There were a few emergency lights lit on the floor so it wasn’t pitch black but because where I was headed is under construction, there weren’t any lights there. I went over and checked out my modules and turned to leave. When I turned around, there was the really creepy maintenance guy just standing there staring at me. Why is he creepy you might ask? I’ve never seen him smile or talk. He never has any expression on his face – ever. Needless to say when I turned around and just saw him standing there staring, it scared the crap out of me. Before I had gone out, I had joked to Jen that if I didn’t come back, I was probably bleeding to death somewhere out on the floor. With that thought I turned around and walked fast (running is dangerous) and got back to our nice warm (the AC was out) lit office. Beware the floor when it’s dark.

Those are my stories for the week. Wish me luck at Girls Camp on Monday. We might all make it out alive. I know I will, I’ve already practiced my survival skills for the week-walk quickly away to a nice safe place surounded by witnesses.


  1. I LOVE your retelling of your YW planning meeting. I am the Activity Days leader in my ward and Lena is my assistant (it's awesome!).
    When Lena started her chemo, she asked me if I wanted her to be released so that I could have an assistant who wasn't horribly sick for every activity. I told her, "No!" I had to work with another girl for my first couple months in there and though she will probably never realize this, I was ready to kill her. I don't get along well with others. I either want a partner who 1) is complacent, has no opinions and will do everything I say or 2) has eerily similar thoughts as me and can pull her own weight around here. Lena is great at being either, but mainly it is #2. Growing up going to Activity Days and Young Women's together has left us with very similar ideas on what is and isn't fun (for the 9 year olds AND for us).
    It's already Monday but, Good luck!

  2. I can't wait to hear about camp!! I wish it was already over with...