Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Laminating, hard stuff

Today I walked past the mail room in the office to see 4 grown men, one of which is an engineer huddled around the laminator. I chuckled to myself when I overheard, "No, no we have to laminate both sides, right?" The others just stared at him with confused faces. After a pause, "I think we can just do one side." I continued to smirk as I thought about my own laminating experience I had yesterday. It was pretty uneventful.

I went into the mail room with the paper that need to be sealed in a thick (govenment plastic?) clear covering so as to immortalize it for generations of machine operators to come. I turned on the lamintaor, waited for the word "ready" to appear on the screen and slipped my page into the 5 mm (10 mm was overkill) thick plastic shell and sent it happily through the laminator. It came out on the otherside looking like a little laminated masterpiece.

As you notice, this recounting of my experience yesterday involved only me, not three of my closest friends to hold my hand through the process. There was no debate about having to laminate both sides(If I'm laminating in the first place, shouldn't I protect both sides?). I didn't even have to use my lifeline to pick what speed to laminate my paper at - I used the table conveniently located on the laminator.

I guess I really have my mother to thank for my successful laminating experience yesterday. Many hours of my youth were spent at Alphabet Station watching things get laminated. I took some pretty sweet notes on all of the little details required for successful laminating while playing with the blocks in the corner. Good thing I don't believe in throwing out notes - I could have been laminating through dinner time.

When I walked past about 20 minutes later the four of them were still in the mail room. If they're still there tomorrow, maybe I'll pitch in.

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