Monday, April 27, 2009

Just when you thought it was warming up…

I’m sick of cold. I was so mad this weekend when I had to turn the furnace back on. Angry eyes.

Other than the cold weather, we had a delightful week and weekend. Wednesday we were finally able to take family pictures. Stay tuned for them, they should be ready in a couple of weeks. In the mean time, check out our photographer’s blog – Stacy Marie Photography. Stacy did all of our wedding pictures and I didn’t want to ask another person to do our family pictures too. She’s so cute, I feel like we’re going to hang out with one of my friends and take pictures at the same time when we see her. Plus she’s super affordable. I thought about having someone up in Ogden do them since the puppy was going to be included, after looking around, I couldn’t find someone that was less than 10x what she charges for an on location shoot. Plus, who am I kidding, she’s totally worth the drive. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day and the puppy was actually pretty cooperative. I guess his never ending desire for attention has finally come in handy. Thanks Stacy!

Friday night, The Sweater Friends had an awesome show at Kilby Court. This was another show Jake picked the bands for and it was an absolute delight. I seriously don’t want to play another show with bands that don’t relate to us – It just can’t compare. Despite the slightly rainy weather, Kilby Court was lovely, not too hot and not freezing cold. We got to play with Mindy Gledhill and Josaleigh Pollett. Both are singer-song writers and are truly talented. Josaleigh was feeling a bit under the weather but her voice still sounded like velvet. I love her songs, they all are just so honest. She manages to make you feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend instead of watching a show. Mindy Gledhill was headlining the evening with her big band – okay, it’s a normal size band but when you only have two people in yours, it seems big in comparison. She’s an absolutely adorable person and her band was a blast. They took a break in the middle to allow the keyboard player (Lamar Holley) to play his own song. I can’t wait for his CD that’s due in May. He’s a 6th grade teacher by day and has a CD of educational songs he’s written. We traded CD’s so Shad and I listened it on the way home. Check it out if you have kids, it’s not annoying like a lot of other children’s CD’s I’ve heard – plus it’s educational. His CD coming out in May is just regular pop songs if you don’t like to learn while you listen. If you haven’t heard of any of these musicians, seriously check them out! After Friday’s show I left with a renewed hope for the music scene here in Utah, there are still super talented not jerky musicians out there that just want the time to express themselves.

Saturday morning I got up in the rain and went tutoring. After tutoring Shad met me for lunch at our favorite Chinese place in Layton, then it was off for a couples teaching massage at the spa next to it (Shad got me a gift certificate for Christmas). The teacher took things a little too seriously if you ask me but it was a delightful way to spend an afternoon. I’m just hoping now when I ask Shad for a massage, he won’t try to massage my bones instead of muscle (ouch!).

After the massage, I went home and tackled the spare bedroom we have upstairs. Since we moved in, it’s been full of boxes of stuff from our office. The new office is just on the other side of the wall so we’ve been lazy about unpacking that stuff. I boxed and labeled the things we don’t use often, cleaned out the trash and organized a few things. You can actually see the carpet now!

Saturday night we went out for Italian then we saw Monsters vs. Aliens. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, I hated The Incredibles and wasn’t too keen on seeing another animated superhero movie. I was pleasantly surprised. It was great. My favorite line was the stab at Al Gore and global warming – “It seems like the globe is warmer, that would be a very convenient truth.” I think I’m the only one in the theatre that got it – I was certainly the only one that laughed.

Sunday after church, Shad took Dublin on a very long walk up a trail behind our house, I took the time to pay the bills and make real mashed potatoes for dinner. When they got home we headed to my friend Jen’s house for Sunday dinner. She made a homemade chicken pot pie, it was delicious. After dinner we were able to stick around and play a board game. Jen let me pick so we played the Game of Life, one of my favorites that my siblings would never play with me. Jen had the new version, so we all struggled with some new rules. My least favorite new rule was the lack of betting your money at the end to win it all, I always did that when I was younger – I don’t think it ever worked but I went for it every time.


  1. I refute the fact that we never played the game of Life!

  2. Okay, not as much as I wanted, I'm sure.

  3. I remember telling you no all the time to that game. It was just soooo boring!! Why play that when you could play dream phone?