Saturday, May 2, 2009


I used to think I had grown up because I don’t get so impatient about things anymore. Now I’ve realized, I haven’t gotten more patient, things have just gotten faster. Little things you used to have to wait for can happen in the blink of an eye now. Waiting for an email response from someone? I’ll have to wait until I get home – nope, I have to wait until my phone can download my inbox. The 2-3 hour wait has turned into about 5 seconds. Waiting to get a chance to go to the cd store to buy a cd I’m dying for? I’m no longer waiting weeks – I once again log onto my phone and in the length of about a song – I’m listening to new tunes. Why am I talking about this you may ask? We got our family pictures taken approximately a week and a half ago. Our photographer told us they will be done in about 2 weeks or so. Every time I think about them I get excited, then I get super impatient because I have to wait – GASP! – 4 or 5 more days. I’m lame. End of story.

Other than being impatient this week, I got a lot of stuff done. I successfully completed 3 trials at work despite every effort my staff contact gave to ruin said trials. Sometimes I wonder if Wisconsin randomly disappeared from the planet, if anyone would notice. I might notice only because suddenly my trials might not start off with me planning all the things that should have been planned a month ago. Maybe some day.

Tuesday night for Young Women’s, the young women planned a prom for the adults in the ward. They did a really good job, they even had someone there to take pictures. Shad and I got volunteered to teach a bit of West Coast to those that were interested so we had to go. Teaching turned out much better than I thought it would. We had never taught a class before so I was worried. I was also worried we would show people the first step, they would think it was dumb and opt to hug and turn with their significant other for the rest of the evening. It was not so. After teaching the basic, they asked for another step and after that step they asked for another. We stopped at 3 – You’re not going to retain that many steps anyway from one class – plus, Shad had lost his voice by then.

My parents also made it up to Ogden Friday night to go to dinner and see our house. They didn’t come to the house warming because they were in the Grand Canyon so they hadn’t seen any of the changes we’ve made. They seemed to like them and we proceeded to the Oaks up Ogden canyon. It’s a delicious burger joint with a delightful patio right on the river. The food was good as always even though I made everyone sit on the patio in the cold. I think it was worth it, plus we had blankets. We came home and they left. Shad and I watched Frost Nixon after that. I thought it was okay, the acting was good. I actually felt bad for Nixon at a few points during the movie – a part of me felt somewhat manipulated and angry when I realized that.

I’m now in the middle of my recent bout of coverage. I really just need to get used to it, the way our project schedule is this year, I won’t be getting much of a break from it. It’s a good thing the weekdays off are delightful, that makes it a bit better. Plus I always get so much done when I’m on coverage. I’m already psyching myself up to sleep in Friday morning so I won’t want to die on my back shift Friday night.

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