Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pushing buttons in more way than one...

It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I find myself at work. Good times? At least today I feel like we're making some sort of progress and I have things to do which is alway nice. In fact the day has flown by compared to my night shifts this week when I had nothing to do. It's been a delightful day except for one person.

How many times would you press a button, and it didn't work before you determined it wasn't working and pressing said button was a waste of time and annoying the person next to you? I would guess I would push a button three maybe four times before I would come to a conclusion that it doesn't work and I should stop pushing it hoping for a different outcome. It's like asking you mom for a treat, if she said no the first time, she's still going to say no the twentieth time. Plain and simple.

There's a guy from staff here to help us out. He's supposed to work on glue so maybe that's why he's not so bright about machine things. I don't know. He seriously pressed a button that wasn't working on the machine a good 100 times while I was standing next to him. I finally told him to stop and to go tell and electrical guy it was broken so he could fix it. I thought I was doing pretty good not to slap his hand and tell him to go sit in the corner. After the button incident, he's continued to annoy me today. I'm not even the shift lead, shouldn't he be annoying him? I don't know anything about glue, don't ask me what the temperature should be, that's why you're here. I have no problem throwing out a random number but when your adhesive system doesn't work, blame yourself (the glue expert) for listening to a process engineer that really doesn't care about glue. He better not be here tomorrow. It will be war.


  1. I totally understand.
    I have a patient right now driving me crazy pushing the call button just to make sure it still works. He feels the need to check this out an average of 5 times an hour.

  2. Ooo, I love war with co workers. I recommend Rice Krispie Treats laced with ex lax. Just don't forget and eat one yourself... >:)