Monday, April 20, 2009

Bar = Late night

I think that’s a sad fact I have forgotten as I don’t visit them often. The Sweater Friends had the pleasure to play a quaint location called The Woodshed this Saturday night. This is the first time we’ve played a bar. It was fun, the bartenders were nice and there music guy really liked us, my only complaint was the 10:00 start time. It’s way too late to make for a good show. And we were only the first band, which meant by band etiquette rules, we had to stay for the band after us (they asked us to play). I was so tired Shad and I started talking about teleportation on the way home. We could have used it Saturday night.

Because I had 3 week days off this week from coverage, I had a really eventful week. Tuesday night a group of my girlfriends went to Britney. It was amazing. Thanks to Kelly at Chili’s we missed half of the Pussy Cat Dolls show. I was a bit disappointed but the parts we did see were pretty good. I expected them to be stronger dancers though. Maybe they were tired. Then came Britney. As I’m sure many of you have read, her show is based off of her single Circus. She had all sorts of circus performers entertain before the show actually started, and then they participated all throughout the show. It was great. There was always so much going on and so much to look at. I think I could have ignored Britney for the entire show and still been super entertained.

Wednesday, I was able to wrap up a bunch of stuff around the house. Shad commented to me when I’m home during the day, it’s like a scavenger hunt when he gets home to see what I’ve done. I put the guest room back together and decorated it a little bit, hung some shelves in the living room and painted a table and chair from the office. I then finished it all up with some tutoring. Pretty good day.

Thursday I did laundry and cleaned the bathrooms. Then I went and got my makeup done for our family pictures that afternoon. When I got up that morning, it was cloudy but I was hoping it was done raining for the day. I got home and gave Dublin a bath so he could be all clean and shiny for pictures. He actually climbed into the tub himself this time and sat down before I even had his stuff out. I wouldn’t go so far to say he loves baths but he doesn’t hate them either. After his bath I let him out to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately there was a bird in the yard. Dublin hates birds. He will try to chase a bird on the ground, in a tree and even on telephone poles. Luckily he’s nowhere near fast or stealthy enough to come close to catching them. Maybe that’s why he hates them. This particular bird was standing in the mud where the swing set used to be. So of course my nice clean puppy charged full force after the bird only to land empty handed in the mud. After his second bath for the day, I took him out in the back yard on a leash. At least one of us learned a lesson. Sadly all of this effort was in vain. As we were driving down to SLC, our photographer called to say it was raining and we would have to reschedule (again). We will get it this Wednesday, I'm sure.

Friday night we drove up to Maddox for dinner then went to the hot springs. We didn’t last very long at the hot springs, it was still way too cold to go down the slide and the hot pools were overflowing with 13 year old scouts. Such is the hot springs on a Friday night.

Sunday after our late Saturday night, I was excited to get a nap. Shad took Dublin for a walk so I might get to sleep. They returned just as I was drifting off. Shoot. Shad of course laid down and was out in 5 seconds. Dublin laid down too but didn’t go to sleep. Once again just as I was drifting off, Dublin had the uncontrollable urge to get up and lick my face and hair (I was laying on the floor). I resolved a nap just wasn’t supposed to happen and watched leatherheads instead.

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