Friday, July 24, 2009

They were roasted

Sorry for no real update until now this week, I was waiting to be on backs to have something to do. I'm sure you've all been dying to hear how the hot dog roast went. I have one word - Fantastic!

I was a little worried it was going to be super hot, that's why it didn't start until 7. I really wish our backyard had a bit more shade. Hopefully it will in the next year or so. Since the house is pretty much done, next year's project is the backyard. Gulp.

The evening started off with everyone roasting their hot dogs on the fire - or getting Shad to do it on the grill (cheaters). I was actually surprised how many people roasted their own. Also surprised how hot the fire was, the paito around the fire pit needs to be enlarged a pit - see paragraph above. Here's everyone (mostly my fellow ward members) enjoying dinner.
After dinner and popcicles, and the sun had disappeared behind the house across the street, it was time to play. Jake and I played for about an hour since we were the only ones and it was really delightful. It was nice seeing everyone sprawled out on the grass enjoying the music instead of awkwardly standing in a venue.

Jake and Jess also brought some of their neices and nephews to the roast, they were really cute. They even got up to dance during some of the music. Ah to be young again.

After the music, we roasted marshmallows on the fire and called it a night. I can't wait to do a similar thing in a few weeks at Jake and Jess' house. There's information on our blog if your interested.

Non Sweater Friends related news - Dublin made Shad go and get him a chair to sit on the other day in the backyard. He's kind of a high maintenance pit bull. I thought he only made me do it because I taught him to get on the chair. I would be wrong.

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