Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kiddie Pools and Pit Bulls

As the holiday weekend winds down, I keep asking myself if I have to go back to work tomorrow. I really shouldn't complain too much. I start coverage again this week so I have some time off to look forward to. Also more back shifts. Maybe in my back shift stupor this week you'll get a post about the camp song I wrote. I know you're all dying for that. Or maybe I'll get really ambitious and do a post of befores and afters of the rooms in our house. Just a few blogs I've been putting off.

I will up date you on our weekend for now. Thursday afternoon before I left work I was IMing my coworker Danielle. At the work shower a few weeks ago my coworkers had started talking about how nice it is to sit in a kiddie pool in the backyard on the weekend and drink. It sounded really delightful minus the drinking part. It had been a hell of a week at work and she mentioned to me how nice that kiddie pool sounded...It did sound nice. Really nice. Nice enough to brave Walmart the morning of July 3rd and purchase said kiddie pool (a lime green one none the less!).

My husband returned from the gym to find me blowing up the pool in our dining room. He laughed really hard and told me he wondered what got me out of the house so early on a holiday. He had been present for the coworker kiddie pool conversation. I proceeded outside and filled the pool up. It was ice cold, I had planned for that though and went in to clean the house while it warmed in the sun. By noon it was ready so Dublin and I treked out for an hour of bliss. Now I have no issues with water so I dived right in. Dublin on the other hand was not a fan. It did serve as a really big water bowl but other than that, he wanted nothing to do with it. I picked him up and put him in it, he would run right back out. I kind of expected this, pit bulls aren't known as water loving dogs. I layed in the pool until it was time to get out and shower. My parents were coming up to help us get some stuff done at the house.

My mom and I painted the second bedroom upstairs and the boys weeded the front flower beds - we can see dirt now! When we were done the boys cleaned up and we went to dinner at the Bistro. It was delicious as always and I was so grateful to my parents for the help. It was off to bed early - holiday weekends mean catching up on much needed sleep to me.

Saturday I woke up and cleaned up the room we had painted the day before and put the furniture back. I decided on what furniture needed to be added and I think I'm finally going to buy a reall bed for my back shift room in the basement. Hopefully I will get both of those accomplished this week while I'm off.

Saturday afternoon was time to play in the pool again. I was more determined. Shad had mowed the lawn that morning so the pool was full of grass. I emptied it out and Dublin climbed right in and layed down without an issue. Shad and I hatched a plan that we would play with him in it for a bit empty, Shad would take Dublin in the house while I refilled it with water. I would then stand in the pool and call Dublin to come to me. It worked like a charm and he jumped right into the water. He was pretty mad but after playing with him for awhile he chased his ball into the pool and did this...

You can imagine my surprise and joy when he did this. Issue with water fixed. After playing in the pool he ran out and jumped on the lawn chair. He really knows how to make his mom proud. Today while I was sitting in the yard with him, he insisted on getting up on my chair with me. I finally went over and got him his own chair which he sat in next to me for a good half hour. Shad was napping inside or I would have a picture to share. You'll just have to take my word for it. I may have created a monster.

Saturday night we also attended the Ogden Demolition Derby. It was pretty ideal Here is why you don't see many truck demolition derbies. CRAZY!

The fireworks were okay. We sat on the side of the arena that was partially blocked by trees. Now we know for future reference.

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