Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Tuesday

Today might be Thursday for the rest of you but today is my Tuesday. There’s nothing like random coverage to totally screw with your schedule. Tomorrow will be my Friday though. I can’t wait until August when things hopefully will be back to normal. I say hopefully.

I’m pretty excited for the hot dog roast on Saturday. I think it should get a pretty good turnout which will be fun. I’m always nervous when we plan stuff in Ogden since I haven’t been here for a long time, I underestimate the number of people I know that might want to hang out at my house. Our house warming party was a good example of that.

I really need to text Jake and get a set list put together. I’m going to do that right now. Hold on.

Okay. Check and check. Speaking of the Sweater Friends we had an ideal show a few weeks ago. It started off as one of the weirdest places we’ve played but by the end of the show, we felt right at home.

We played at a place called the Boing Collective. It’s basically an anarchist bookstore/house. Jake had just told me about the bookstore part so when we pulled up to the address and it was a house, I was a little worried. When we walked in the house and set our stuff down, no one said a word to us. So we stood there awkwardly looking around. Jake went to go find Robin, the kid who had set up the show, only to be asked if he was looking for the girl Robin or boy Robin. While we were standing there two guys came in and asked for Steve Miller. The people in the house said they didn’t know a Steve. Then another guy said, isn’t there a guy living in the basement named Steve, but I don’t think his last name is Miller. They left. We stood there wondering why the people that lived in the house didn’t know the names of the other people who lived in the house. When we asked one person how many people lived there we were given a range. A range? We opted to sit out on the sidewalk in front until it was time to play.

By the time we did start to play, there were quite a few people there (more than the range?) which was surprising. When we started playing, it’s safe to say they were the most attentive audience we have ever played for. The other artists that played with us were amazing as well. I came home with 4 new cds.

Because of coverage I had Monday and Tuesday off this week. I took the opportunity to take my friend Jen down to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. I hadn’t been to an open house since the Vernal Temple was built so it was nice to go. I’m glad Jen was willing to go with me since I wanted to go on a weekday to avoid the line being long and slow. I was surprised at how small the temple seemed but it was beautiful as always. We also may have gotten yelled at in the celestial room by an usher. We had stopped so I could explain to Jen what the room represented and tell her a little about the temple. Apparently the 6 foot wide aisle way was not wide enough for the group behind us to go around.

After the temple we went back to our house and played on a slip n slide. I had told Shad awhile ago I wanted one (the kiddie pool got me in the mood) and he left me a note a few days ago with a Walmart giftcard that said “for a slip n slide.” I got up early Monday morning before the temple to go purchase said slide. Unfortunately the Walmart near us doesn’t sell slip n slides. LAME! Luckily Shopko came through for us. We brought it home and got it set up. Of course the pieces that were the most time consuming to put together were useless and got chucked to the side after two uses. I guess it’s the thought that counts. We had a delightful afternoon playing though the slide was not built long enough for two average sized adults. We have plans to extend it next time. Sorry for the lack of pictures…I’ve been lazy with the camera but you can imagine the good times that were had.

Also this week I got around to booking the stuff for our cruise in September. I heard there was an airfare war going on last week and decided to take advantage of it. I am already super excited for it. The countdown Carnival puts on their webpage when you log in doesn’t help either… 52 days.

We have a pretty full summer ahead of us trip wise. In two weeks, we’re going to Zion to do the Narrows with a few of my co-workers. At the end of August, hopefully we will be sailing around Catalina. Then we finish up the summer with our week long Caribbean cruise. Ideal. It seems like I tend to save up my vacation time just in case so the end of the year always ends up a lot busier.


  1. I'm so jealous... our vacations for the rest of the year consist of an overnight stay in Ogden Canyon for our anniversary, and then saving up time off for a baby or Hawaii, whichever comes first. Have fun on your cruise for me!

  2. We don't shop at Walmart!!!

    Your brother

  3. I normally don't but shad's work gave him gift cards. I've learned my lesson. Walmart tricks you everytime and it will eventually destroy the planet(thanks wall e)

  4. I am totally jealous of your fun filled summer. I have nothing to look forward to this time. Next year will be different. Take a lot of pictures and make me even more jealous afterwards.