Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pulley changes

I've been waiting for a pulley change on the machine I'm on tonight for 2 hours. There are no signs that it's going to be done before it's time to go home. So why do I get to stay here? Two words, turnover meeting. I can't tell you how many times I've had nothing to do on coverage but have had to stay the enitre time so I could give my turnover to then next poor engineer that is forced to stay for another 12 hours to turn it back over to me. It makes perfect sense.

In other coverage news the button pusher is back. On the bright side he's not on the same machine as me. On the not so bright side the machine he's on is right next to the one I'm on. He ventured over several times this evening. Luckily since the machine isn't running, he wasn't tempted to push any buttons several thousand times (at least that I personally witnessed).

I also may or may not have been very kind to a fellow engineer that is on coverage on the machine next door. I don't particulary care for this engineer on a good day so combine that with a crappy night on a machine and 5:30 AM, it's only natural for me to make snide comments that the engineer is way overstepping their bounds and if I wanted their help, I would have asked for their help and will you please go back to the machine you are on coverage for and leave me alone this instant before I stop using sarcastic tones and start using my serious tones.

I do have some good news, I bought a bed for the back shift room today. The futon is quite comfortable when you are exhausted after a back shift and could sleep on a cement floor easily, it's not so comfortable when you elect to sleep down there the night before your back shift in hopes of sleeping in longer due to the pitch blackness of the room. My hips are killing me today. I'm pretty excited to use it. I will get the chance next weekend since tonight is my only backshift this week.

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  1. I forgot about your blog Ally! I am going to add it to my links now so I don't do something so horrible again! I love reading it. It makes me miss you so much! I wish you were closer so you could come hang out with us when we finally get together.