Friday, May 8, 2009

Familes are forever

Well my lack of patience has finally paid off...I got to pick up our family pictures today. I'm pretty sure I love them all, too many to post. Here are a bunch of my favorites though.

In other non-picture related news – if you haven’t guessed by the fact this blog was posted at 2 AM, I’m on coverage again. I had really high hopes that I would sleep in really late this morning since I’ve had a few days off to get into the habit, no such luck for me. This morning instead of rolling over and falling blissfully back to sleep after Shad got up for work, I laid there and tried to wish myself back to sleep. I even took drugs last night to help me sleep. Not fair. I’m not feeling as bad as my last set of back shifts, we’ll see how I’m doing in a few hours.

Because I had Tuesday through Thursday off this week, I had a very productive week at the house. Tuesday I slept in (superb!) and took Dublin for a long walk. We got back just in time for me to finish the laundry and go grocery shopping. After that was finished, I had the chance to go down to Layton to visit my friend Kay. I absolutely adore Kay and I don’t get to see her often enough. We spent a few hours talking at her parents’ house catching up on life. After visiting Kay, I headed down to Salt Lake. The Sweater Friends had a show that night and I didn’t see the point in driving back to Ogden just to drive down to SLC again. Luckily my parents don’t care if I use their couch for a few hours. After chatting with my mom for a bit, I left to go play at Sugarhouse Coffee. We had a really good show, Jake’s family came which was fun since I haven’t seen his sisters since they came home from Mexico. I love those girls. If you go to our blog, you can see a video of us singing a new song we have. Good times.

In other Sweater Friends news – Go pick up this month’s City Weekly and turn to page 60. That’s right a little sweater review for you all! Since we played until 9:30 at the coffee shop, I didn’t get home until late. Shad sounds like he’s drunk when you wake him up. It’s good times.

Wednesday I finally finished painting the trim in the rooms I painted while Shad was out of town. Yes that was a month ago – it’s done now, that’s all that matters. Dublin and I went for a nice long walk and I made some delicious citrus chicken for dinner. After dinner we headed down to the Bountiful rec center to see Shad’s brother play water polo in a tournament. I don’t even get how water polo works and I can tell you that their team is sad. Luke is still young though so maybe with some time, they’ll get better.

Thursday I registered Dublin (he’s finally legal) and made a trip to the DMV. Apparently they entered our address in wrong when we registered the Forester so we never received the title. I was a little annoyed I was going to have to go again but luckily the DMV in Ogden is a ghost town at 11:00 AM on a Thursday. I walked right in and my number was called. 5 minutes later the problem was solved. I spent the rest of the day shopping for my dad’s birthday, Mother’s Day and my brother’s graduation present. After that was finished, it was off to tutoring. After tutoring Shad and I had a delightful dinner with our friends Jen and Jared and then went to a late movie. We originally decided on Monsters vs. Aliens but when we got to the theatre, we were informed Star Trek was playing now instead. That left us with Wolverine or Star Trek. We picked Wolverine – I wasn’t a fan but what can you do?

Today, Dublin and I drove down to Salt Lake to pick up our family pictures. Before heading home, we stopped for a walk around Liberty Park. It was a perfect afternoon for the park. When we got home, I started cleaning out the junk room in the basement and Dublin took a nap. When Shad got home, we headed down to attend my brother’s graduation. He finished up his MBA at the U this year. The highlight of the ceremony was the cheer from the crowd when the dean (? – I wasn’t paying attention to who the guy was that was talking, my bad) announced there was no speaker. Good times. In true Lundberg fashion, after receiving his diploma and posing for pictures, Scott kept on walking so we could go to dinner. The usher even tried to tell him they like them to stay, he told her he had other things to do. We had a delightful dinner at the Wild Grape. We had to leave right after dessert though since I had gotten permission to come in late to work, 11:00 was all I could barter for. I’m so proud of him and grateful to have Scott as my brother! Way to go!

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