Friday, February 13, 2009

Hello World

I'm normally against blogs but since it's the way I catch up on what all of my friends are doing, I'm going to give it a try.

As a quick introduction, Shad and I were married last September in the Jordan River Temple and have since started our wonderful lives together. We just bought a new house which we're in the process of adding some personality to an annoyingly blank slate. We've already added some color but we're no where near done. Our next task is to paint the huge vaulted walls we have in the family room and entry way. I'm not excited but it will be worth it.

We're hoping to get a puppy in the next few months (something I've been dreaming of forever) to really get our family started.

Since a blog isn't a blog without some sort on rant, I have a small one. This past Sunday Shad and I had the pleasure to do our newly married - new to the ward talks. Because I'm the wife I had the pleasure of introducing us to the ward. I took 2 minutes tops to give everyone the vital information - where we grew up, where we went to school, our majors, how we met, when we got married, what our current jobs are and where we live in the ward.

A pretty comprehensive introduction if I may say so myself. Now fast forward a whopping 2 days to our mutual night (I'm the personal progress advisor for the YW's) where I received several compliments on my "wonderful" talk on Sunday from my fellow Young Women's leaders. Those lovely ladies then proceeded to ask me every single question my brief introduction easily answered. Now I could be wrong but this experience drove me to two conclusions:
1. My count of 6 people (not counting my family) that appeared to be listening to me seems spot on. It's sad to think people's attention spans aren't long enough to pay attention to the first 2 minutes of a talk before they tune it out but I won't judge them for that. I will judge them for my second conclusion.
2. The wonderful compliments I received were lies (in the church!). In order to compliment someone on the talk they gave - I think you should listen to the talk. If you didn't listen to their talk, a better compliment might be, thanks for providing me with 15 minutes of background noise while my mind wandered aimlessly during Sacrament meeting on Sunday. Now there's a compliment I can appreciate and know with certainty that the person is being completely honest with me.

Thanks for letting me rant!

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