Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hair Color?

One of the operators at work today told me, "you need to change your damn hair color, we can't tell that it's you anymore." What do you think he meant by that? I first tried to think, compliment? But not being able to tell who someone is doesn't count as a compliment in my book. Okay. How about insult? Probably not, I mean he wants to be able to recognize me. If he hated me, I would think he would desire just the opposite. Hmm. Maybe he was commenting on my inch and a half blonde roots. I do have an appointment with Marci on Saturday. I doubt he was being that observant. I guess I'll never know. People are confusing.
Anyway. I guess I'll update you on my week. Friday night was great - my husband planned an entire night for my Valentines day surprise. When I got home from work there was a little scavenger hunt ending with instructions to be looking "so good" (teen girl squad anyone?) by 6:40. I did just that. We then proceeded to one of my favorite Ogden restaurants Bistro 258. After sitting down at a table for 10 people he finally let me in on what we were doing. He had called a bunch of my girlfriend's husbands and planned a nice dinner get together since I don't see them very often since we've moved to Ogden. It was a delightful surprise. I love those girls so much. Here's a picture I stole off of Ashlee's blog (I didn't bring my camera).

After a delicious dinner, everyone went back to our house for fondue. That was great, not only do I love fondue, but none of the girls had seen our house yet. All and all, it was a great surprise.

The next day was the same old routine, I went tutoring and then down to SLC for band practice. When I got home we started Shad's Valentine's day wish - order pizza and watch a movie. He rented Kelly's Heroes - a movie all of his brothers love and he has never seen the whole thing. I thought it was going to be really funny, but it was mostly really dumb. We paused in the middle of the meeting to attend the adult session for our stake conference.

It was a wonderful meeting. They reorganized the stake presidency so we had an area seventy and an apostle there. They both gave entertaining and touching talks.

After the meeting we came home and finished the movie. It was a wonderful Valentines Day!


  1. Ally! I'm so glad you have a blog now! You really do need to keep updated on it, I never know what you are up to! I sure do miss you and am glad we got to spend last Friday together. Love you!

  2. Your so lucky to have a husband who appreciates good internet pop culture. I made a teen girl squad reference the other day and it went right over Hubby's head. It was sad.
    I'm glad you have a blog now. I needed another person to cyber-stalk. :)

  3. Ally your blog is so good! LOL I haven't seen teen girl squad in years and your blog has now inspired me to check out some homestar stat!

    Sure love you guys and your lovely home! It was so fun to see you and chillax! I hope that your concert tonight was fabuloso! I was thinkin 'bout cha!

    Take Luck!