Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well I guess first things first. Sundance.

It was a total blast.  I'm so glad we were responsible with the Orion festival to enable us to play on Park City's Main Street during the Sundance Film Festival.  Unfortunately for everyone else, I didn't take any pictures or see any famous people.  Your priorities are a little different when you're trying to find your venue on a long street and Google has no idea where this place is and you are 10 minutes late.  There's always next year I guess.  Anyway, Jake and I played at a place called the Crown on Main.  I guess they do a local artist showcase every year during Sundance.  It was a really cool place with a big wood fireplace and industrial fixtures.  I was actually surprised at the number of people that wandered in during our performance and sat down.  I mean it was only 5:00 in the evening, a little early to be bar hopping on a Thursday night, right?

Saturday night Shad and I went up to Logan for a Utah State basketball game.  Shad's brother goes to school there and another brother just graduated from there.  While we were down at his family's house for dinner a few weeks ago they started talking about how outrageous their student section was.  Shad wanted to see it for himself so we got tickets; I took the opportunity to see our friends Ashlee and Daren that live up in Logan while we were there.  I loved going to sporting events with Ash in high school and she's the one that took me to an Aggie basketball game so I knew I wanted Shad to experience it with someone that could sing the Scotsman the way it should be sung.  I think Shad was super impressed with the ridiculousness of some of the things the crowd would chant or do.  Go over and read Ashlee's blog on the whole experience including pictures.  It was an awesome time.

Last week was my two good work friends birthdays so I had the joy of making them their birthday treats (something the female engineers do for the other female engineers because let's face it, if we made the men treats for their birthdays, they still wouldn't make us treats for ours).  Danielle opted for Rice Krispie Treats with Golden Grahams.  Delicious.  For Jen's birthday we decided on a cake to use up the marshmallow fondant left over from a cake we made for another work lady back in November.  Because Jen wanted to help Danielle and I make the cake, we made an evening of it.  I (and Danielle) managed to actually take pictures of this event.  Here's one for you.

This is the most complete picture of the cake I have.  Here's Jen and I applying cookie cutter fondant shapes.  Apparently we don't care about what the finished product looked like.  For this cake we used 3 9" rounds with a layer of buttercream frosting and frozen raspberries.  One cake layer was just lemon flavor and the other two were lemon with raspberries.  So good.

This last weekend was also really fun and exciting.  Friday night Shad, Jen and I went down to SLC with our friend Jared to get him a suit he needed this week.  We had quite a good time at Banana Republic.  Shad helped Jared with his suit and I dressed Jen up in Banana Republic clothes.  Good times.  It was like having a Barbie doll except this one talked back and had opinions about her outfits.  After successfully finding him a suit, we decided to go to Café Niche for dinner.  It was wonderful.  Shad and I had previously tried to eat there a few months ago but it was closed when we went.  This time it was open and even had a live Jazz band playing.  It was a great choice.

Saturday was a busy day for my.  Shad's brothers were coming up that night to stay over which meant I had to clean the house.  After accomplishing that, I went down to Layton for a baby shower for one of my co-workers wives, Christi.  She's such a cute pregnant lady and it was a lot of fun to see so many ladies I haven't seen in awhile.  Her and Patrick are going to be such cute parents.

After the baby shower, I came home and started working on dinner for the Settlers of Cattan party we were having.  Now before you judge me for being a total nerd I will say it was my brother in-law's idea.  They love Settlers and Shad and I aren't willing to spend hours at his parents' house playing board games on the Sundays we come down.  This was a good alternative to giving them their way without making us angry.  Shad's uncle came up to join in on the fun as well.  Shad's youngest brother Luke stayed the night with us since both of our families were coming up the next day for the super bowl.  Shad and I almost had him convinced to come to Young Women's with me but he chickened out. 

After church we got the food ready for a whole bunch of people to watch the super bowl at our house.  Both of our families came up to watch and we had a blast.  Dublin was even a good enough puppy to lie on his bed while we watched.  Up until now, new people have just been way too exciting for him to be a good dog (shock collar and all) so I was pleased to see that at a year old, he's finally calming down.

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  1. Yay for updates! I have been wondering what you have been up too! Sounds like you have been pretty busy. I want your recipe for marshmallow fondant. Where did you find it?