Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Job!

You guys are great guessers. I am in Paris. See here's a picture of the tower with me in front of it.

Oh yeah. Paris, Texas! Look at me rock my uniform too. Sexy.

So I'm in Paris for 2 days this week for work. The mill here is one of two plants in the city (town?) so as you can guess it's kind of small. But the Eiffel Tower replica with a giant red cowboy hat is quite charming. Maybe today we'll go find the Jesus statue wearing cowboy boots in the cemetery because everyone knows when I picture Jesus, I picture him in cowboy boots (doesn't everyone really?).

Other than it being a small very spread out town (it has to be big, it's Texas, right?) I've felt like I'm living in an episode of King of the Hill and the majority of locals I've met all sound like Boomhauer so there's been kind of a language barrier (I should have used that as a clue yesterday!).

In prep for the trip I got myself psyched for all sorts of large amounts of meat (something I truly have to physch myself up for since I really don't like meat). None of the restaurants have disappointed. Monday night - Steakhouse. Tuesday - BBQ place for lunch, Hibachi grill for dinner. I can only dream what today will bring!

So what happened on Monday to make it the second to worst travel day I've ever had? The day started off well, we got on our flight to Phoenix, left on time and arrived on time. Loaded onto our flight to Dallas without issue then proceeded to sit on the plane on the tarmac for 3 hours (the actual flight is only an hour and a half!) because of a "sticky switch" then because we had to change out the "sticky switch" then when that didn't work they had to try "something" else. Then just as the got the problem fixed, they announced there was a huge storm in Dallas and all the flights going to Dallas were grounded until it cleared. Cue time to refuel so we could wait out the storm on the tarmac. Fast forward an hour and a half later to the storm clearing out of Dallas and us finally moving towards the runway. Then our hopes of leaving were squashed by having to wait to burn off a few HUNDRED pounds of extra fuel we were carrying because we would be too heavy to land. I know the American people are fat but really, the plane can't land when it has a few hundred extra pounds in it? Thank goodness we didn't have a few more POS (people of size) on the plane because it sounds like we could have all died in a fiery crash landing due to their extra weight. And isn't plane fuel the main reason it costs so much to fly anyway? I now understand why, we're just burning it for no reason!

After a fairly pleasant flight to Dallas, we landed and got our rental car. Because my coworker and I were starving we opted to eat somewhere in Dallas before starting our 2 1/2 hour drive to Paris. Enter the random steak house we found open at nine on a Monday night.