Monday, August 24, 2009

We rock

I can’t believe summer is officially over. I can’t believe how fast it went this year. I had always heard that when you get older time goes faster because your days are so much more the same than when you were little. I’m starting to see how true that is. One minute it’s Monday and the next it’s Friday. I don’t know where the time goes.

On to updating you on our latest activities. Two weekends ago we had one of the busiest Saturdays I can remember having in quite awhile. I started off the day with tutoring – something I haven’t done much of this summer since the children were coming mostly during the day. I came home did some cleaning and got ready for our fun filled evening. We had a birthday party, wedding and show to attend, in that order. I was actually amazed how well the times worked out for each event.

First was Annie’s hubby’s birthday party, he was turning the big 30 so she planned a surprise party. We were a bit late due to cutting up the watermelon so we missed the surprise. Sorry Steve! It was wonderful to see Annie and all of my other girlfriends. I don’t get to see them enough. Hopefully they will come and play after we’re done with vacation. After only staying a little bit it was off to our next destination, our friend Brandi’s wedding.

We made it out to Toole in 40 minutes – after the Iphone saved us from getting stuck on traffic on the 201. Thanks Iphone for keeping us on schedule. Brandi was a fellow co-op at the company Shad and I met at as co-ops. She is an adorable girl and made a beautiful bride with her bright green shoes. Totally sweet. She had been together with the groom for years and still Shad and I had never met him. He seems like a nice guy though.

On our way out of Toole, there was a quick stop at Del Taco for some food (we had missed the food at both the party and wedding and didn’t want to wait to eat another 40 minutes). We arrived at the Sweater Friends show in Jake’s backyard only about 5 minutes late – super sweet! We watched his cousin Ben perform a few songs then it was our turn. It was a bit chilly for August and by the end, I couldn’t feel my fingers but all and all, it was a good show with all of our favorite people.
fter the show, instead of driving home we opted to sleep at my parents since I was singing in my parent’s ward the next morning – Don’t worry Dublin came with us and stayed too. We’re not that bad of parents.

The musical number with my sister went pretty well, I think it was better than the first time we sang it in her ward. That done and over we returned to my parents for a Sunday afternoon nap and family dinner. It was almost like a mini vacation away from home to see all of my friends.

This last Wednesday night was designated our monthly craft night. We opted to do a craft from Martha’s Encyclopedia of Crafts. Ideal. We made Sand candles. Martha told us to use fine grain sand, we used paver sand – just a slight difference. Needless to say, our candles didn’t look like Martha’s. We’ll try harder next time.

Just as the pizza arrived Shad and Jared came home from golfing. We ate and put them to work assembling the slip n slide. It’s not craft day without slip n slide. This is maybe why the church encourages people to have kids while they’re young instead of spending their evening modifying slip n slides for adult use, they’re engaged in righteous causes.

This weekend I was supposed to be on coverage (should have retracted my previous blog post about not having it for awhile). It was called on Friday which left me with a very open weekend. Friday Shad went to SLC for his brother’s birthday party. I got home too late to go. I heard it was a good time though. I lounged on the couch and watched TV. Saturday I cleaned the house and then my family came up for dinner. My sister’s husband was in town for the weekend (he is going to school in LA now and Kristen is still working and living here) so we all wanted to get together. If was fun to have them come up to us for a change. We went to dinner at the Oaks and Shad and I got to ride in Scott’s beamer. It was good times in the canyon.

Sunday I slept in super late and went to the 3:00 session of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication. It was a wonderful meeting despite the lady that had to yawn every five minutes so loudly right next to me.

I’m super excited to head to Great Basin this weekend. It should be a fun trip, then it’s off on our cruise. It’s going to be a good three weeks.


  1. Two points:

    1. Summer does not end officially until the Autumnal Equinox, which occurs at 3:18 PM our time on September 22nd this year.

    2. Bimmer is the preferred spelling as opposed to Beamer.

    Have happy day!

  2. You were busy! It was so good to see you at Steve's party, I miss you! We are totally willing to come to you, with some notice. I hope you have lots of fun on your trips, keep us posted.